Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Don't let those sweet faces fool you

I've been searching for a new sitter since December, and I think I'm close to finding one.  I had an excellent phone interview with someone a few days ago and I'll be meeting her in person this afternoon.  I got off the call and said to Thom, "I love her.  She seems perfect. Please, God, I hope she's the one."  Can you hear the desperation? If she doesn't show up with a hook for a hand and a bag of dead puppies, it should be a lock.

Without any help this past month, I've been basically surviving the daily grind.  No time for sewing, no time for blogging, and without a date night with Thom to remind me I'm more than a mommy machine, I'm kind of going crazy. I've had more than few days of feeling ready to be strapped down in a padded room, but the end is in sight.  I thought I would enjoy my solo time with the kids a bit more, but this past month has brought some insane developmental changes in Lila and a whole new round of monstrous testing and tantrums from River.  So what I thought might be leisurely days at the library or playing dress-up have turned into nearly non-stop screaming matches with a 3 year old broken only by the occasional trek through the house to picking up EVERY. SINGLE. ITEM. pulled from our drawers, cabinets, and shelves by Lila.

So if you've noticed an absence here in Summerland, now you know why.  Hopefully, my sanity and I can make an appearance again soon.

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