Sunday, January 02, 2011

Christmas wrap-up

We had a wonderful Christmas holiday in Las Vegas with the extended family.  Here are some highlights.

 River wore his new super hero cape pretty much everywhere, including this trip we made to the Natural History Museum.  Here, he and dad are hot on the trail of a T-rex in the NHM parking lot.

 The kids had a blast in the aquarium section of the museum.  Lila, Nanu, River, and Thom especially loved the shark tank.

 We all got to meet little Kian Doyle for the first time.

 Dadu set up this awesome cardboard playhouse and of course the big kids had to get in on the decorating.  I was so happy to see Jenn and Alex during their short trip to town.

 Syd and River enjoying some brief outside time between days of rain.

 Lila got ready for her big birthday bash with a million balloons.

 Christmas morning at my folk's place.  Mommy and Lila opened her stocking together.

 Nanu and Dadu looked through their photo album from us.

 Finn spent some quality time with his new brother, Kian (on the right I think), and cousin Quentin.  The little ones share the same birthday.

 Christmas morning was so exciting!!

 Dinosaurs were the theme at Oma and Opa's house.  River got two buckets full of them, two huge figurines, and a dino shirt.

 The remote control buggy was a favorite present.

 Doyle men (and Kian).

 Mommy and River relaxing with a morning snuggle.

 Little Jawa Lila playing outside at Oma's house.

Footy pajamas!  My Christmas darlings had a wonderful time in Vegas, and now we're all glad to be home (except for that pesky time adjustment).

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