Tuesday, March 16, 2010

parenting fail

It was about an hour after River's bedtime and he still showed no signs of slowing when it dawned on me that he still hadn't adjusted to the time change. He stayed up watching Buffy and eating popcorn with us until 10:15 (perhaps not the smartest decision, considering he immediately started complaining of scary noises in his room once we put him back in bed). I didn't hear the conversation that followed since I was busy brushing my teeth, but it must have gone something along these lines:

River: I'm scared. I want to sleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed.
Thom: No honey, you should stay in your room.
River: There's scary noises in there. A monster is hiding.
Thom: (looks around room) See, no monsters.
River: No, no. It's hiding in the walls. I want to sleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed.
Thom: ...
Thom: Okay, but you have to be quiet and go to sleep.
River: Okay! I'm going to sleep with Mommy!

When I walked out of the bathroom, River was on my side of the bed with his bear and Lila was in her snuggle nest between River and Thom. I squeezed in and River did a little rolling around to get himself comfortable. He was pretty precious. I lay there thinking how nice it was to have my whole family in bed together - my little ones snuggled up warm and sweet. Then 1:30am hit and River had wormed his way horizontal, leaving me crammed against Lila's sleeper and my arm asleep in an uncomfortable angle. I got him situated and fell back asleep. Lila then nursed at 2am and 5am and 6am and by 7:30 it pretty much wasn't worth it to stay there with my adorable, squirmy, snoring, snorting angles.

So, note to self: work on adjusting the kids to the time change a few days before it happens, and, no matter how much you want to see it, don't let your kid watch Buffy (the one with the gigantic scary demon battle) just before bed.

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