Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lila's punk rock quilt (is that an oxymoron?)

I'm pretty happy with my first serious quilting effort. I'm in love with the fabric choices, my blocks came out square and even, and though I didn't do free-motion quilting like I had intended, I like the diagonal lines well enough.

Some details, in case you're interested:

The pattern came from Oh, Franssons! etsy shop. I've been getting invaluable advice and inspiration from her blog (among others I've discovered recently), and I'm pretty excited to be in a real sewing flow.

The quilt is 40" square (perfect for a crib) and alternates five different block styles. All of my fabrics were found on etsy and most come from the Studio E Urban Angel and Essentials lines.

The blanket has a luxurious white dot minky backing, and I used satin blanket edging to bind it instead of the suggested cotton. My grandma says the satin will wear quicker, but it just feels so nice, I had to go with it.

Instead of one of the cute animal appliques suggested, I made two coordinating hearts. I attached them with fabric webbing and then bordered with a blanket stitch. I used an alternating criss-cross design to quilt it, and the stitches go through the top layer and batting only (so the minky is unstitched). And that's pretty much it!

It took me two weeks to cut, sew, quilt, and bind - working in spare minutes here and there (the hour I spent waiting in the Social Security office yesterday was some of my most productive time). I hope Lila likes it; I'd love it if she had tattered scraps of this blanket to take to college with her.

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Julie P said...

It looks AWESOME so your style. Nice job - I can't wait to see it in person!