Sunday, October 04, 2009

you can come visit again, mom, the closet is ready

After fretting about it for a year, I have finally gathered the courage to clean out my linen closet. I know, I know, earth-shattering stuff, but I am seriously proud right now. I had a rough day yesterday (up at 4:30am, worked on projects all morning, threw my hip out, didn't get to nap, dead tired by the end of the day).

Today was so much better. I slept in, woke to my boys making pancakes, then spent the rare morning alone(!) while Thom took River to the park. I suppose there were more exciting ways to spend a free morning, but clean sheets, folded blankets, and medicines neatly organized in that beautiful closet make me feel like I spent the morning at the spa.


Anonymous said...

glad you're feeling better.


Summer Ryan Doyle said...

Thanks, J-man. Seeing you was definitely the highlight of my day. Hope we can make it happen more often.