Monday, June 29, 2009


I just can't bring myself to post about anything these days. River is doing some wonderfully cute things, and I've had some great outings myself, but I'm just not feeling the bloggy vibe. Maybe it's all the rain. Seriously it's been almost a month now with nary a blue sky and we have at least another week ahead of us. This. Will. Not. Stand.


jenn marsala said...

In a week you'll be in Italy and won't have to stand for any of this rainy bologna! Yay!

CiscoKid said...

I think it also has to do with Facebook.

Mom said...

Let there be sun!
I miss my bloggy baby.

Andy said...

You usually bring the sunshine wherever you go, Summer, so its easy to see that River brings sunshine into your life every day, too.

Summer Ryan Doyle said...

That's sweet, Andy. River is a pretty sunny boy - that's for sure.