Monday, June 08, 2009

Good times in New Orleans

Checking out the wildlife at the Audubon Park Zoo - awesome hat courtesy of mommy forgetting his baseball cap at home.

Riding the Zoo Train (nice and sweaty by this point)

Bathing in the fountain at Cafe Amelie - gotta wash up somehow, right?

Petting (Oscar? Denny? Obediah? - what was his name?) the mule before we got on for a carriage ride.

River, bored out of his skull halfway through the ride. This could be a Madonna and Child pic, right? I'm actually giving my best "listening face" at the moment.

Playing in yet another fountain outside of Cafe du Monde. There are like a million of these in this city. I've discovered New Orleans does not want my son to stay dry.

We're having a fantastic time with more adventures to come!


Julie P said...

So glad you're having fun! Tonight Ally was talking about going to River's house to play.

Summer Ryan Doyle said...

Thom remembers better than me - Bosco was the mule's name!