Wednesday, November 19, 2008

day one: so far... okay

River had a good day yesterday - we played at the park, both had good naps, and went to the toddler group at Stellabella in the afternoon. River seems to have an aversion to the group sing along, though, because as soon as the free play part is over and we get in a circle to sing, he starts a litany of "go, go, go." Poor guy bangs on the door like an inmate. This is torture. Don't make me siiiiiinnngg!

Last night Kevin and Crystal were kind enough to let us over and cook dinner so I didn't have that extra task on my plate. Plus it filled up the roughest last couple hours of the day. He went to sleep pretty easy - not a surprise considering how much activity we'd had during the day.

One short wake up in the middle of the night, and up at 6:2oam. A pretty good start.

Today has been a bit rougher, so far. River is already missing his dad and acting out in silly ways. More clingy, needing to be carried more, fussier at meals. But he's down for his nap now, and I hope the rest of the afternoon goes a little bit better.

I've taken a new zen approach to meltdowns. This morning we went to Darwin's for breakfast before heading to the Natural History Museum for a playdate with my moms' group. After a short time in Darwin's he was begging to, "Go, go, go." It was too early to go to the museum and too cold to just hang out outside, so I held off as long as possible. Finally, when it seemed like we'd killed enough time, I tried to get his snow suit on so we could get out the door, but he went limp and wouldn't cooperate. Instead of fighting him and manhandling the suit on, I called his bluff.

"Fine, you don't want to go? I'm okay sitting here and finishing my coffee." He looked totally confused that I wasn't playing into his hand, and just sat there for a minute. After a little while he was ready and put on the suit with no complaints. Chalk one up for the mommy!


Casey said...

We try to kill as much time away from the house as possible to avoid the meltdowns. My kid isn't too keen on the singalongs either. We go to music class at Gymboree and he gives me this "you look like an idiot" look when I sing and clap along. Come to think of it, I do look like an idiot so he's got a point. The meltdowns aren't fun, we're going through similar ones here. I've started just not acknowledging him (when we're home and I can do that) and at first he got even more pissed off but now he's starting to lay off a bit. Good luck with the meltdowns on your end!

Ms. Marie said...

Hearing about how he went totally limp when you put on the suit made me crack up, cause I was thinking of that part in " A Christmas Story" where the mom is trying to put on all that crap and the little kid is just laying there not helping. But, I think it was a great idea that you just walked away and let him figure it all out for himself...good job "single" mommy...:)