Friday, November 14, 2008

a conversation

This morning I was laying in bed awake (as I had been since 4:30am), and after finding out I was feeling restless and a little stressed, Thom asked what was on my mind. "The usual stuff," I said, "finding a sitter and getting the house ready for company at Thanksgiving."

Thom: Well, what needs to be done on the house?

Me: I don't know. I just wish things were a little more organized.

Thom: Like what?

Me: Our bedroom closets, the linen closet.

Thom: Oh yeah, 'cause the family is going to be so disappointed in your messy linen closet.

Me: It's just that I can't even put out nice towels because it's so messy I can't find matching ones.

Thom: ...

Me: ...

Thom: ...

Me: Yes. I know I'm crazy.

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Anonymous said...

Help me - I can't stop laughing!