Thursday, September 25, 2008

Amazingly cute things River did yesterday:

  • Asked for "more" tickles "more" tickles!
  • Loved the Natural History Museum at Harvard: pointed to monkeys and mimicked them by scratching under his arms, pointed to owls and said, "Who! Who!," made the "key" sign to free the locked up animals
  • Held hands with his little friend Olive while they had their snacks
  • Watched the construction vehicles with rapt attention for five minutes
  • Snuggled up and read about 100 books with me
  • Pointed at everything from Thom's pillow, sink, and pajamas and said "Da-Da"
  • Climbed on his tricycle seat like Evil Knievel
  • Pointed at his diaper as he peed or pooped and asked to go to his potty
  • Practiced jumping, dancing, and shaking his booty
  • Tossed every bucket and shovel out of the playhouse at the park
  • Made the sign and said "house" (which is his way of asking to watch Bob the Builder)
  • Helped mommy feed the kitties by scooping their food
  • Ran from the bath in his birthday suit and made me chase him around before bedtime

1 comment:

Andy said...

What was a special moment yesterday will be an even fonder memory in the future when River is 18 asking forn the car keys and you still picture him making the "key" sign to free the locked up animals.