Thursday, January 24, 2008

ch-ch-ch changes!

Well it's about time! All those things that I've been pondering, worrying over, thinking I need to get done are finally beginning to happen.

The big development is, of course, River's new found (and hopefully not temporary) ability to sleep through the night. Thom and I spent the weekend sleep training him--and it did not involve making the poor booger "cry it out." The method is simple, though very daunting, which is why it took us nearly nine months to give it a try. I won't go into the details other than to say that River now knows that he can get himself to sleep in his own crib. He doesn't always like it, but he can do it.

I know River is just in that category of Children Who Do NOT Like To Sleep, and he always will be that way. Someday in the not too distant future he's going to start bartering with us--just one more story, one more kiss goodnight--and we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. But for now, the parents have decisively won this battle!

The second thing that has been on my mind is my fitness routine. One of the things I wanted to build into my day when I decided to up the sitter's hours was a workout. For the first half of this month I was too overwhelmed with just getting back into our normal routine to add anything to it. Well, it's only a beginning but I've managed to fit a workout in for the past three days. I'm gearing up for a trip to a yoga retreat next week and I want to have a little stamina and flexibility when I get there. Looking (and feeling) good so far!

Next, I'm inching closer to my goal of getting back to work. I've had some head shots blown up so I can decide which new pics to reprint, and I've been diligently revamping my website. As soon as I have my resume and photos in place, I'll feel comfortable getting out there for auditions. (Who knows when I'll have time to actually DO these imaginary acting projects, but it feels good to dream.)

Finally, Thom and I have actually begun to have a regular Date Night. We have a sitter scheduled to come every Friday night and we use that time for just the two of us. To all my single readers this probably sounds like the death of spontaneity and fun, but oh my gosh, getting out for a weekly date is SOOO much better than just not going out for months at a time. It's definitely made us feel closer, and though we'll never be the couple we were before kids, Date Night is helping us define a new "us" that doesn't involve baby.

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Mom said...

You might as well pick up your Sleep Fairy book now.