Friday, October 19, 2007

extending our stay

River has come down with a virus called Slapped Face Disease. Ridiculous, no? The name comes from the red rash on his face accompanying cold-like symptoms and the yet-to-come diarrhea. Joy.

He's miserable, I'm trying to keep it together, and neither of us are flying anywhere for a while.

So, the conditions could be better, but the grandparents are happy to hear we will be in town for at least another five days. Thank goodness they'll be here to help tend to my sick baby.


A said...

Poor Guy! I'm sorry to hear that he is so sick but I can't help but be distracted by that huge stuffed animal behind him in the picture. Is that a care bear?

Summer Ryan Doyle said...

Yes, indeed that is Sunshine Bear.

This picture was taken at Kevin and Crystal's house (don't ask me why they have that huge thing), but this is what his face has looked like much too often these last two days.... :(

Ms. Marie said...

Poor thing...That is a new illness though, I thought Anthony has had them all but he must have missed that far as the fun to come part...all I can say is Pedialite...that stuff works miracles on dehydration!