Saturday, June 30, 2007

River News: Month Three

Dear River,

This month I have discovered that in addition to being mild mannered Summer Doyle I have a not-so-secret, super-powered alternate identity known as The Mommy. The Mommy has magical powers and brings calm and joy where others fail. No matter where you are, or who's holding you, I can walk past your field of vision and you light up with the biggest smile. There she is! I like that lady!

You have no idea how that makes me feel. You can be fussing in someone else's arms, and along comes The Mommy to hold you and you immediately calm down. Your father might be putting you down for a nap, you fighting him the whole way, and out come the magic boobies and you are asleep in an instant.

Being a super hero is fun, but as any geek knows, with great power comes great responsibility.

The fact that I can soothe you a bit more easily than others means I have to do most of the soothing (or listen to you cry when I know I could help). This is very difficult at the end of a long day when I've only had a few hours respite with Christine or Auntie Crystal's help. When you consider that I'm up about every three hours during the night, and I'm responsible for you all day during the week (and half the time during the weekends) I essentially work an 80 hour week taking care of you.

So you can understand why, if your father is even one hour late coming home from work, I turn into The Cranky Mommy. Beware The Cranky Mommy--she looses all soothing power and will bore holes through The Daddy with her laser beam eyes.

This has been a particularly active month for us. Between your vaccinations, growth spurt, Auntie Jenn's visit, and now teething, we have had some very long days and very short nights. I haven't been to yoga in a month, my nails are starting to look scary, and I feel like the walking dead more and more every morning.

Still, through my fatigue-addled brain, I've been watching some amazing changes in you.

This month you went from a squirmy, cute little baby who didn't do too much, to this amazing kid who fully interacts with his world. Your random flailing has gained intention as you push and pull objects with your strong little hands. You grab at toys and bring them to your mouth to explore, you can kick at them and hug them. The little flash cards I drew last month have finally gained your attention and you stare and stare at them as though you're studying for an exam. Sometimes the urge to see something new is so strong that you'll stop halfway through mealtime to play.

At the start of the month your favorite toy was the blinky, music-playing star on your activity mat. You would stare at it so enthralled, smiling with huge, wide eyes. Of course, now you're totally over it, and want to play with your new mobile or elephant.

You change so fast that last week's favorite stuffed friend is this week's pariah.

Physically, you continue to grow, getting stronger every day. We read in the Sears book that children your age might be able to stand with help for a few seconds--you know, that trick you've been doing since day one. You're getting closer to sitting up without help and can go for much longer without your gigantic head tipping you over. Tummy time is not such a horrible thing anymore, and you seem to enjoy pushing your butt in the air with your weight on your toes. I imagine you might crawl like your Auntie Jenn did--on hands and feet.

You're much more specific about the things you want and don't want. I can see you leaning in the direction of something interesting, stretching your arms out and grunting. Or if you don't want to look at something, you turn your head away, put your fists in your mouth and close in on yourself. And your preferences can change from minute to minute, so you always keep us on our toes. One day you want to suck my fingers, the next day chew them. One nap swaddling works, the next turning you on your side does. One day you even chose which boobie you wanted to eat from! Left, not right, mom!

My favorite development this month is of course your new "talking" skills. No longer do we hear a random coo, goo, or ugh every few days. Now we get strings of them--fully thought out ideas that have important meaning to you (though we can't quite get your meaning). Usually it seems like you're saying, "I'm really happy. I like you people and this world is totally fun." I sure hope that's what you're thinking, because I really like you and think you're totally fun.

I love you my little pookerton!

***A Pookerton Update:

You've been doing this all night:

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