Saturday, June 23, 2007

all that and a bag of chips

We had a fantastic week with Jenn and Seth in town, and I know River loved meeting his auntie and uncle. (We recently discovered that he does not automatically take to every person he meets, so his affection for you guys was very real.)

It was an incredibly full week including a trip to the Sam Adams Brewery, a walk on the Freedom Trail, a Duck Tour, a day trip to Plymouth, a visit from our great friend, Ama, a Saturday afternoon BBQ, a walk to Riverfest, Father's Day celebrations (Picco pizza and Ocean's Thirteen), a Ghost Tour, an afternon at Five Wits, and a homemade feast cooked by Seth and Jenn. I don't have time right now to give a full report, but I wanted to share some pictures with you:

Auntie Jenn bathes River and daddy dries

Mommy slings Pookerton around Plymouth (Look at the hat! It's from my grandparent's trip to the Amazon.)

Seth gets friendly with a Mayflower II sailer

Seth and Jenn smooching in the Wampanoag Village

After getting a diaper change in the back of the car (River, not Jenn)

Ama visits!

Father's Day Present from uncle Kevin and auntie Crystal. Yes, they made my son's butt print.

A bar T-shirt? Already, son?

So true...

And a couple of the cutie pie this week:


Andy said...

Pookerton did more this week than I have all month. I think I'm depressed now...

Great photos, Summer!

Summer Ryan Doyle said...

Don't feel bad, Andy, we have to slow down or River will have a zombie mommy.

Jennifer said...

God I love that baby! And his parents :)

We had such a wonderful trip...thanks again for being so awesome and letting us make you very very tired in the name of fun.

I love you!