Thursday, May 17, 2007

on time and funny faces

I'm tired.

Nothing extraordinary happened today. River was cute and wonderful and fussy as usual. He's still having trouble getting through a whole two hour nap without waking which makes my "free time" choppy and short.

I think it's just difficult not having transitions anymore. When I think of blocks of "time" like mornings, evenings, holidays, weekends, all falls under the greater umbrella of "River time." No moment is independent of another because I'm always concerned with caring for him. Does that make sense?

I used to have days that were broken up, parceled out for different activities and purposes, and I still do those activities, but none of them takes focus. The focus is always River.

Anyway, I didn't really intend to write today, I just had some pictures I wanted to put up. So here you are:

We're trying out the new sling. We both love it, but it's given him a heat rash on his face from sleeping against my chest. Too bad since he sleeps better there than anywhere else.

I like that we look like two disembodied heads.

Here's one of the Pookerton "going bananas." He looks wild and crazy, doesn't he? Hey, River, stop monkeying around!

My god, I'm tired.

Finally, here's one that demonstrates how much River looks like his dad.

Funny faces obviously run in the family.

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the author said...

That first one is cute (well they all are, but especially that one)