Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

I hope all the mothers in my life had a fantastic Mother's Day. My day was wonderful. River woke up in a very good mood, and we spent the morning with his daddy eating and napping and talking to the grandmothers.

In the afternoon Thom and I walked to the yoga studio where I had done my prenatal classes and introduced River to my teacher. She was thrilled to meet him and held and rocked him for a long time. Then I took her Intermediate Flow class while Thom and River went home. The class completely kicked my ass. I haven't used quite a few of those muscles in months and I am really feeling it today.

After class Thom picked me up for our official Mother's Day Date. It was our first night away from the pookerton, and I was almost as excited about being with my husband as I was nervous about leaving my little man.

We kept it simple--dinner at Changs and a movie (Hot Fuzz)--and I consider it a great success. As is to be expected, we talked about the baby the whole night and we made a few phone calls home to check on him. Still, having our mind on our baby all night was much less draining than taking care of our baby all night.

Uncle Kevin and Auntie Crystal had the honors of babysitting and they did a fantastic job. We came home to find River still had all his limbs and no major mental trauma. Good job!

Actually, they gave me the best Mother's Day gift of all:

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Andy said...

Happy First Mother's Day, Summer!

The pookerton? What a GREAT nickname.