Thursday, December 01, 2005

100 things pt. 1

The weird thing about blogging is that I feel compelled to do it even if I have absolutely nothing to say. I’m at that place now. I’ve been a little sick the past few days, so the sum total of new experiences I have to share would all relate to really bad reality television. Let’s skip that, shall we?

Have you seen these lists people make… “100 things about me”? That seems like an awful lot, but maybe I’ll do an abbreviated version:

1. My maiden name is Summer Ryan Ostlund. Ostlund was originally the Swedish “Olsen,” but there were a few too many of us getting off the boat, so the kind folks in immigration changed it for us many generations ago. “Ostlund” also happens to mean “Cheese Meadow” in Danish.

2. Before I was an actor I was a dancer. I did Pointe (ballet) for six years.

3. I was born in Kearney, Nebraska. Living in New York and Boston has toughened me up a bit, but I think I’ll always have my Midwestern manners.

4. I have been a vegetarian for 8 years.

5. I think people who drive Hummers are ridiculous.

6. Bill Pete is my favorite children’s book author.

Okay, so that was a REALLY short list. I’m a little more tired than I thought, so I’m going to pause here. To be continued?


Andy said...

I went to elementary and junior high school with a woman named Ostlund - who knew? And I absolutely agree with #5!

aaron said...

Have you seen the ads for the new, smaller, sedan sized Hummers? Those things are beyond ridiculous.