Friday, July 15, 2011


We traveled to Boulder, Colorado over the 4th of July weekend to visit family and attend my cousin's wedding.  With 14 of us crammed together in one house it could have been a complete disaster, but the rental house was spacious, the company fantastic, and the bathrooms plentiful, so we did just fine.

We got a ton of use out of the backyard which featured a beautiful deck, lots of grass for the kids and dogs to run around, and a hot tub (!!) for the little ones to enjoy during the warm afternoons.  The first evening we were there, we hosted the groom's family at a BBQ for nearly 60 people.  Above are Thom, myself, and my brother, Nelse.

 Lila is in a super daddy phase right now.  She pretty much wanted to spend every waking minute with him during this trip.  It was pretty cute - and made more hilarious by the fact that she insisted on calling him "mommy."

 River had so much fun with his cousins, Sydney and Chloe.  He followed the older girls around for hours and hours, and they never seemed to tire of him.  It was the first time I was able to really just let go of keeping track of him every second.  I knew he was occupied and safe while playing with them, and that freed up my attention to catch up with family.

 Dadu, of course, was a big hit with Lila.  She just loves that goofy guy and he adores her.  Lila was particularly clingy with mom and dad this trip (thank goodness River was occupied or we would never have had a hand free), but she did let Dadu keep her company.

 I was really glad to be able to spend some time with my mom.  We prepped meals together, went hiking, and hung out chatting long into the night.  Sydney and I took a special Auntie-Niece trip to the nail salon for a mani-pedi before the wedding.  I was so glad to introduce her to a key girlie ritual.

 The first hike we did together was a short trek up the Ironside Mountains in Boulder.  It was a brutally hot day and the little kids got wiped out pretty quickly.  A couple of us hung back with Lila and River while the group went on.

 While we were waiting River worked on a fairy house (that little bundle of sticks and leaves at the base of the tree).  It's something he's been introduced to at school, and now whenever we're in a woodsy place, he likes to construct a home for the wee folk.

That was the first part of our adventure.  I'll be back with more on the wedding and a trip to Estes Park soon!

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