Tuesday, July 06, 2010

what we're all working on

As you can see, dinosaurs have not completely pushed out River's love of all things trash. A bit of packing foam in the mail inspired a whole new round of the city dump game. But since he came down with a fever this morning the only thing River's working on is recovery (mainly in the form of snuggling with mom and napping).

Lila is working on SITTING UP!! Go little girl, you rock!

And I've been working on appliqueing onsies. The skull shirt Lila is wearing above is a recent design as is this inverted-appliqued bouquet. I like the process of "sketching" with the sewing machine. Definitely a work in progress, but I'm seeing all kinds of possibilities with this technique.

Thom is working really hard on just plain work. He's been a machine lately and I'm hoping he'll be able to enjoy some down time soon.

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