Friday, December 11, 2009

things that are difficult about being 41 weeks pregnant

  • Beginning every conversation with, "No, I haven't had a the baby yet."
  • Following up with, "I have no idea when. It's not up to me."
  • Thinking about the fact that my dad leaves in two days and probably won't get to meet this grand-baby for another three months
  • Feeling River get more and more clingy as he senses the approaching changes in our family
  • Staying awake for hours in the middle of the night willing myself to have a contraction
  • Knowing there is absolutely nothing I can do about any of this
Physically I feel great. It's not easy to get up from a sitting position and I waddle like a duck, but other than that my body feels like it was made to be pregnant. The baby continues to move regularly, my appetite is good, and according to the midwife all my physical stats are great. I'm just so desperate for this stage to be over. I want nothing more to meet my new little one and start on this journey with our new, whole, complete family.

I'm resigned to waiting, but I'm not happy about it.

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Keely said...

Ugh. Thinking happy, um, squeezing thoughts for you.