Thursday, January 15, 2009

mother of two

I have a new son and his name is "Bear." River is very fond of this large, cuddly stuffed bear our friend J-man won at the Circus Circus in Las Vegas (word is he had to crush the hopes and dreams of a pack of 5 year olds to get it, so I feel pretty honored to have acquired the coveted prize). We've had Bear around for almost a year now, and over that time River has developed a real friendship with him. He carries him around, plays under "tents" with him, pushes him up his bunk bed ladder, and generally treats him like a friend.

In the past week, though, Bear has become a member of the family. It started the other day when River dressed him in a fireman hat and pulled him behind him for hours. I love the idea of River creating an imaginary friend from his critters - it was a favorite pastime for me when I was little. But the damn hat wouldn't stay on his head, so every thirty seconds--as River pulled Bear from room to room--I'd hear, "Bear! Hat! Bear! Hat!" and have to replace the offending headgear. Then I tried to get all three of us upstairs for lunch and picked both "boys" up and started climbing. You would not believe to squeals I heard. The squealing continued for twenty minutes until I finally followed River's pantomime's downstairs and let him push Bear up, step-by-excruciating-step. River just wanted Bear to climb up like a real boy, and would not give up that idea until it was done.

After that whatever River was doing, Bear had to do too. If River read a book, Bear was right next to him. If River had lunch, Bear was on the seat beside, drinking from his own sippy cup. When it was necessary to do a diaper change, Bear had to have one too, and River then insisted poor naked Bear needed clothes. He's been a shadow to our every move this week, and like a little brother to River. He takes naps, puts on his coat to go outside, and takes car rides with us. He likes chocolate milk and has a habit of catching on fire (so River and his fireman "guys" can put him out).

This was not how I imagined life with a second child, but it could be worse. At least Bear doesn't wake up screaming in the middle of the night.

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CiscoKid said...

Can you imagine what you'd find inside a bear's diapers?...