Tuesday, December 09, 2008

where's the dado?

Ever since Thanksgiving River has been thinking about his grandparents a lot. At least once a day he says "Dado" unprompted, and it is usually followed by the signs for "airplane" and "grandma." This prompts a conversation about how Dado (my dad) flew home on a plane with grandma, and yes we had so much fun when they were here. Then we talk about how River and mommy and daddy are going to fly on a plane to see them and Oma and Opa (Thom's folks) for Christmas.

These aren't one sided conversations by any means. He initiates ideas, fills in thoughts for me, and seems to understand that we'll get to see his grandparents soon. It's so exciting for me to see him developing a relationship with them, to see that he thinks about them, that he misses them. I miss them too.

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Needless to say, I love this post!