Sunday, August 24, 2008

on hold

As these things go, the new house isn't done yet (we're literally waiting for the paint to dry), and our closing has been delayed by at least a week. If all goes well (permits come in, inspectors get there in a timely manner), we'll be calling the new house "home" by Friday.

Until then, we're staying at a hotel and trying to keep some modicum of a normal life. River is handling the change well (though he seems to have decided he doesn't want to eat past 4pm anymore). He's sleeping through the night, enjoying the time he's had with mommy and daddy this weekend, and generally seems like his normal, happy self.

After working for months to design the finishes and fixtures of the new house, getting the old house ready for sale, packing up our possessions, and moving to a temporary home, I am just tired.

I wish I could sleep and sleep; hibernation sounds unbelievable right now.

I hope I can find some energy to get back into a more regular writing routine, but I really need to just focus on staying healthy and sane right now. We'll see how it goes.

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