Friday, April 20, 2007

a very good day

Crystal and Kevin came back from a week in Vegas on Wednesday and it's been wonderful to have an extra set of hands around. Crystal has had a break from work this week so she's been spending a ton of time with me and River. Yesterday I left the house for the first time in a week and a half to go get River's birth recorded. Since we didn't have him in the hospital I have to do all of that stuff myself.

I was tempted for about a second to not let the government know about him--to keep him "off the grid" as Thom would say--but I decided he can't really experience the full range of human emotions without dealing with things like taxes and government bureaucracy. Who am I to deny him that?

Getting out for a few minutes inspired me, so we all decided to go for a walk. I wanted to protect River's little head and eyes, so we tried the only hat we have with a brim. He wasn't too psyched about it:

The stroller cover would have to do. I look at this picture and find it very strange that I'm pushing a baby in a carriage. I mean I know I have a baby, but I HAVE A BABY, you know?

River's surrogate aunt Kristine and uncle Ben got this shirt for him, so I wanted to show how cute our little peanut looks in it. He's growing so fast, he may not have many more chances to wear it.

Finally, our Pooperton has a budding career as a psychic. "I see a dirty diaper in my future..."


CiscoKid said...

Great shot of River. Kee them coming..

Yes, can yuo believe you are now a "MOTHER"

Mom said...

I love the pictures! See, you are using the stroller. How fun to take a walk with your baby. I miss you guys!