Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Letter to the Sesame Seed--Week 32

Dear Sesame Seed,

Today I am 32 weeks pregnant and I am huge. Each day the sway in my back becomes a little more prominent and the waddle in my steps a little more noticeable. You weigh about 4 lbs., but with the extra tissue, blood, and fluids supporting you, I'm carrying a total of 23 extra lbs now. And I'll tell you, that extra weight is hard to lug around all day.

I move very slowly through the world; you would too with such precarious balance and an inability to see your feet. I don't dare dress myself like a used to--standing on one leg at a time. The bed has become my go-to spot for putting on socks, underwear, and pants. If I didn't have that support I'd teeter over like a freshly cut redwood.

I sleep long hours (with a few intermittent potty breaks) and take naps or baths during the daytime. I feel fatigued, but its a good, natural feeling, unlike the stoned-out zombie fatigue of the first trimester.

I'm hungry all the time, but I can't eat much at one sitting because there's just no space for my stomach anymore. You're very happy when it's mealtime, and you do little dances after I eat. Chocolate is probably your favorite food (mine too) and I can just hear you saying, "Send more of that stuff down!" at dessert time.

You also like it when I do yoga, and sometimes when I'm in Warrior Two or Downward Dog I can feel you trying out your own poses. The restful period at the end of a class (Shivasina) is my favorite time because my body is completely relaxed and open and my connection to you is very strong.

At night, when your daddy snuggles his arm against my belly, you think it's hilarious to thump against him. Sometimes he says he even feels you moving in the middle of the night when I'm asleep (maybe I'm cleverly preparing him for those midnight diaper changes to come--we'll see if I can sleep through those too).

You get hiccups quite often, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day, which is supposedly caused by you swallowing amniotic fluid in preparation for feeding. We try to encourage you to slow down, but let's face it, you are the product of your father and I, and we've never been dainty eaters.

Well, Sesame Seed, that's what life is like for us at 32 weeks. As we get closer and closer to your birthday I'm very excited to meet you on the outside. Still, I cherish the time we have together now--just you and me--and I hope you're enjoying yourself too.

I love you,

First posted Jan 26, 2007

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