Friday, December 08, 2006


I've been a bit moody this week--resentful about cleaning the house, unnecessarily curt to store clerks, and feeling generally tired and unmotivated. I'm reminded by the grey skies and scattering of snow today that it's about the time of year my Seasonal Affective Disorder usually kicks in (don't you think the person who came up with "SAD" must be so pleased with himself?) . I don't have a severe case of it, but I do notice my motivation decreases, my energy drops, and my generally sunny disposition dims a bit. On days like this, I appreciate my favorite comic, Achewood, which came up with an even better acronym* than the one in current use:

*Seasonal Orientation-Sadness Affective Disorder

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Anonymous said...

I have a lamp myself. Winter sucks, Summer. Cheer up, little one.