Sunday, July 09, 2006

weekend, interrupted

I was going to give a long description of my Fourth of July weekend, but this has been a hectic week and I want to enjoy my Sunday. So here's an abridged version with pictures:

Here are the Doyles in front of Ma Doyle's childhood home in Oak Park Chicago. We've flown up (along with Crystal, not pictured) for a family reunion. Chicago is fantastic--I wish I had more than a morning to explore it.

This section of Oak Park boasts a number of homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. I take lots of pics, but this is my favorite.

We gorge ourselves at Peterens Ice Cream Shop. I swear it is the best ice cream I've ever had. They have to drag me away.

We drive to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin where the reunion is being held. An old family friend hosts a BBQ at her lake house. We jump into the beautiful water while little kids light fireworks on the shore. We have officially gone back in time.

Thom spends the night struggling with a stomach ache. After 12 hours and no relief I take him to the hospital to have it checked out.

Turns out his appendix doesn't feel like hanging around anymore. They do surgery to let it out and run free.

My husband can't even recover without multi-tasking. Here, he has his temp and blood pressure taken while kicking our ass at cards--1 hour after his appendectomy.

The hospital releases him the next day, and we actually get to attend one family event. Woo hoo! The next morning, Tuesday 4th, I get Thom onto a plane home where he is now recovering quite nicely.


Andy said...

I don't know how much technology has improved the appendectomy but I was in NO condition to play cards after my own surgery in 1990. In fact, I think I cried after I sneezed for the first time.

Andy said...

BTW, I'm glad that Thom is feeling better!!