Monday, June 19, 2006

primary colors

The hippies were out in full force this Saturday at Cambridge Riverfest. Thom and I wandered around the food stands and arts and crafts booths for a couple hours, getting toasty under the clear skies and bright sun. The best find of the day was the photography of Patrick Zephyr, a very sweet man with an amazing eye. Thom bought a few prints for his office:

The pixelated quality of the computer screen and the small size really don't do them justice.

It was wonderful to be able to walk just a few paces from our house and share in the great art, music, and food of our community.

I really love Cambridge; more and more I'm coming to think of it as a place I belong rather than just the place that I live.

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Mom said...

I really like the prints Thom bought for his office. I hope I get to see them in person next month.