Sunday, May 14, 2006

time to build an ark?

So it's been raining for like a week straight. That's cool, it means lots of green when the sun finally does come out. But it's kind of a drag to be stuck indoors for so long. To while away the hours I've been perusing my new favorite site: Improv Everywhere

It's a group of New Yorkers that pull massive, well-intentioned pranks on the local populous. Check out their Best Buy and No Pants missions for a sample of some extraordinary work.

Now, how do we get a Boston chapter started?


Andy said...

How COOL are these people?? What a fun idea!

I nominate Summer as Boston Chapter El Presidente!

Bill said...

I'm a huge Improv Everywhere fan. One of the few sites I bother linking to from my own blog. And talking about links, you've got a couple of my favoutites up there too - Waiter Rant and Miss Snark.

I love it when I encounter somewhere who appreciates the same blogs - great minds and all that. Have you a great mind Summer?